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Signature Room Sprays

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Want the great smells but don't want the responsibility of blowing out a candle or turning off a wax melt warmer? Or maybe you need a quick room refresh? Our ROOM SPRAY is exactly what you need then! Simply spray around the room and you're left with great smells that linger for hours. Simple as that. 

EUCALYPTUS CLIPPINGS scented room spray is a refreshing self-care scent that starts with soothing marine and spearmint top notes that interplay with a calming heart of eucalyptus. Base notes of sea salt, powder, and juniper elevate the fragrance to pure relaxation. Infused with natural essential oils, including eucalyptus, spearmint leaf, juniper, nutmeg, lemon, and clove leaf.

MAHOGANY TEAKWOOD scented room spray combines cedar wood, oak wood, and warm mahogany to create the perfect masculine scent for any season. Topped with hints of clean lavender and the rosy nuances of geranium, this perfect duplication has plenty of depth and strength for any room. This is a fragrance that both men and women can't get enough of. Inspired by the BBW® scent.

SELF CARE room spray is scented with luxurious Lavender Driftwood. This fragrance is a fresh, woodsy fragrance with an intriguing oceanic edge. It offers a unique take on a lavender scent, marrying this timeless floral with more masculine notes of cypress, cedar, and amber. Infused with natural essential oils including orange, eucalyptus, pine, clove bud, guaiacwood, lemon, elemi, galbanum, clary sage, lavandin, olibanum, petitgrain, geranium, cedarwood, and carrot seed. 

SERENDIPITY scented room spray is a warm and cozy fragrance that creates the perfect comforting ambiance anytime of the year. The complexity of warm spices, rich cocoa butter, olive wood and a touch of coconut sweetness combines to create a truly relaxing fragrance.

Ingredients: FDA approved SD alcohol, water, glycerin, propylene glycol, fragrance.

Net Wt. 3.5 fl oz / 104mL